Incredibly effective technique to get rid of headaches . Next time when you have a headache , try to apply what you saw . You will be surprised how effective it is.

Acupressure is an incredibly effective method that is most effective for headaches, pain in the neck and shoulders . Keep track of the movements of the video and see which are the key point to remove a headache.

Place your thumb and index finger on your neck , as in the video and drag to the bottom-up , or back of the head . When you have a natural cavity in which the fingers literally fall , you have found the right spot. Remember, you should never massaged vertebrae , but only from the side . Even more important is the point of the hand between the thumb and forefinger .

The previous points are crucial , but if you want to find the other take a look at the video . One is at the top of the head , in level with the tops of the ears , then point between the eyebrows , then point four inches below the knee , the right tibia .

Massage some of these points , dosage pressure to the border of pleasant pain , no need to be embarrassed , and headache will be history .