Tea made from walnut acts against clogging of coronary arteries, heart disease and fever. Narrowing of the coronary arteries is often a reflection of chronic nicotine poisoning.

An excellent medication, which is especially recommended for smokers, is in walnut respectively in the compartment between the cores.

Of these compartments prepare tea. In the evening soak four to five compartments, so at the morning cook it as tea. Drink on an empty stomach. It would be best if you would not stopped consuming this tea, because it contributes to the regulation of blood pressure and eases pain in the chest.

Tea from walnut compartments works successfully against temperature which is in connection with cardiac pain. Already after the first cup of tea noticeable improvement. If you have a permanent pain, you should continue drinking tea until the pain stop and temperature falls, writes portal narodnilijek.com.
But in any case, about your health problems contact your doctor.