Fine or thinning hair can make styling more difficult and affect how fabulous you feel. Over-washing, using the wrong hair products, stress, and unhealthy dietary habits only make it worse. Instead of turning to an array of fancy hats to hide your fine or thinning hair, take a moment to look at these seven cheap and effective natural home remedies that will put you on track for thick, voluminous hair.


Eggs are high in protein and promote thicker and stronger hair. Beat one to three eggs, depending on your hair length, and apply directly to wet hair, massaging the eggs through from root to tip. Allow the mixture to work its magic in your locks for a full 30 minutes before washing and drying.


The high content of Vitamin E in avocado will help with overall hair strength, and this treatment will add body to your hair after repeated use. Mix up a mashed avocado, a mashed banana, and a tablespoon of olive oil into a thick paste. Using the same method as with the beaten eggs, massage in the paste into your hair from root to tip, let sit 30 minutes, and rinse and wash your hair.


Another natural remedy great for strengthening hair and promoting new growth is onion. Onions are high in sulfur, fights against hair loss and speeds up hair growth by increasing the production of essential collagen. Massaging raw onions into the scalp can improve blood circulation, invigorate hair follicles, and even fight against premature graying. You can also extract the juice from several onions using an juicer, food processor, or blender. Massage the extracted onion juice into the scalp and let sit for 30 minutes before rinsing and washing. You will definitely want to use shampoo after this method, as onion juice has a very strong smell. Enduring the smell is worth it when you start to see improved hair growth after just a few uses. Simply eating more onions can also improve hair growth.


Olive oil is known for adding body and volume to your hair as well as strengthening the roots and hair follicles. Simply massage olive oil into your scalp and hair, leave in for 30-45 minutes or even overnight, and then rinse and wash with a mild shampoo such as baby shampoo when you’re done. This method should only be used once or twice per week.


Once you have achieved new growth and less thinning from methods above, you’ll want to strengthen and maintain your newly healthy hair. The proteins in coconut oil strengthen hair, like the proteins in eggs tackle thinning. Rub warmed coconut oil into the scalp and through the length of your hair. Wet a towel with warm water, wring out, then cover your hair to keep the oil warm as it penetrates into the follicles and scalp. Leave on for 30 minutes before rinsing and washing your hair with shampoo.