Did you know that one cup of cooked rice water could provide you various health benefits for your overall health? Homemade rice water is always advisable. It is chemical free and is fresh.

The following is the procedure to make rice water at home:

It is easy to be done and all you need is rice, fresh clean water and a pot. Boil the rice, and after it is cooked well, drain the water in a separate bowl and be careful not to leave any rice in the water. And finally your rice water is ready for consumption.

Rice water is beneficial here’s what you need to know what only a glass of rice water does for you:

Rice Water Is a Good Source of Energy
Rice water is loaded with healthy nutrients, with carbohydrates, which are an excellent source of energy. Our body needs carbohydrates for energy, so a glass of rice water in the morning is the best way to start your day and you will never feel tired due to lack of energy.

Effectively Treats Symptoms of Viral Infections
You should also know that rice water is often used as a natural remedy for fever, because it restores lost nutrients and loss of fluids. The rice water will accelerate the healing process and the patient will recover much faster.

Prevents Cancer
One of the biggest benefits of rice water is the fact that it can help in the case of cancer. Namely, If you drink rice water more often, your organism will be much more powerful to fight against many ailments including certain types of cancer.

Prevents Constipation
Rice water is rich in fiber, which means that it’s very beneficial for regular bowel movements. Also, the starch in the rice water motivates the growth of useful bacteria in the stomach promoting healthy bowel movement.

Prevents Alzheimer
Also, one of the greatest advantages of drinking cooked rice water is that this water can prevent the occurrence of Alzheimer’s disease.

Prevents Dehydration
During the summer days, sweating makes us lose a lot of water and rice water is perfect to prevent dehydration and loss of nutrients.

Relieves Symptoms of Diarrhea
Rice water is an amazing home solution for treating diarrhea. The best thing is that rice water is completely safe for children, even newborns, who are more susceptible to stomach discomforts. A study found that rice water can effectively relieve the symptoms of diarrhea in infants.

Skin Protection
Rice water can be used on all skin types such as dry, oily or normal skin. The rice powder can be used as body scrub, thereby removes the dead cells. Rice water is abundant in oryzanol, a powerful substance which prevents the harmful UV beams from the sun. Use rice water to help your skin take the sun’s heat.