The practice has demonstrated that the best things in life are very simple. All things considered, it doesn’t imply that the marvels we search for to our wellbeing are abnormal or complicated.

Alternately, it appears that the guideline is the same.  For example, one of the easiest homemade cures, lemon water, can surprise you. Lemon water is more pleasant than water, it measures up to your every day water needs, and includes huge amounts of advantages for mind and body, as it enhances your life and reinstates your health.

Despite the fact that it sounds basic, making it impossible to work, everything you need to do to feel astonishing medical advantages is to drink some lemon water first thing in the morning! Lemons are without a doubt one of the most advantageous and most adaptable fruits! These citrus fruits are loaded with vitamin C, B, iron, calcium, magnesium, potassium, compounds, cancer prevention agents, and fibers.

The propensity to frequently drink this beverage will make you fresh to begin the day; it will boost digestion and detoxify your whole body. Since it has been demonstrated that lemon water fundamentally improves your health, there is no reason to exclude lemon water in your daily schedule.


Preparation- Lemon Water

Making lemon water is quite simple and in less than 5 minutes, you’ll be done.  Just squeeze ½ lemon to 1 cup of tepid water. If you weigh more than 150 pounds, a whole lemon would do.

Lukewarm or tepid water gradually wakes up your body and boosts digestion, while cold or hot water requires more energy to process. If you enjoy lemon juice or feel pleasant after consumption, you can take it the whole day.

Drinking lemon water before eating daily can change your life totally.

15 reasons why you should try it:
  1. Avoid Caffeine

If you cannot start the day without coffee, substitute it with lemon water to help reduce caffeine, boost energy levels, and help you wake up.

  1. Boosts Energy levels

Taking it in the morning boosts your energy levels and improves your mood.

  1. Improves Digestion

Lemon juice has the same composition as your stomach’s juices. It loosens and detoxifies the digestive system.  Assists with bowel movement, activates bile production, hydrates your colon, and imparts water in your stool.  It also cures heartburn, indigestion, and bloating.

  1. Antibacterial and Antiviral Effect

Lemon will help in the prevention and fight the flu, cold, and soothe a sore throat due to its powerful antiviral and antibacterial properties. Taking lemon water every morning makes you resistant to colds and flu.

  1. Detoxification

Lemons are fabulous in detoxifying your whole body. They dispense with poisons, and hence help in the prevention of hazardous deposits and the harm to your cells, tissues, and organs.

Lemons also relax and dispose of waste from your digestive tract and cleanse your colon. They start the work of the liver and the generation of enzymes.

Lemons work as a diuretic too, so they dispose of poisons from the urinary tract and change the pH levels which demoralize bacterial development. Henceforth, lemon water can be great because of UTI (urinary tract infection).

  1. Reduces Inflammation

Inflammations are mostly caused by deposits of uric acid, which lemons dispel from the joints.

  1. Makes Your Skin Healthy and Rejuvenated

Lemons are rich in vitamin C which helps to keep up your skin hydrated to prevent the development of wrinkles and reduce spots.  They are also loaded with antioxidants which hinder free radical harm.  These cells cause premature aging.

  1. Boosts Immune System

The vitamin C also strengthens the immune system and combats colds and flu. The fruits also enhance the ability to absorb more iron from the food. Lemons also contain iron which is vital for the body.

  1. Alkalizes Your Body

The acidic condition of the body can bring about irritation, obesity, and significant ailments such as cancer, diabetes and Alzheimer’s. Despite the fact that it is harsh in taste, the lemon is among the most alkalizing food sources in the world.

  1. Stimulates Weight Loss

Lemon water is truly helpful in burning fat and reducing weight. Lemons will support your digestion system, help with battling hunger cravings and will make you feel full, so you will no more need to nibble between dinners.

  1. Boosts Brain Power

Lemon water advances mental clarity and makes you more engaged, so it is ideal for students and individuals with stressful jobs. Lemons are packed with magnesium and potassium making them fabulous for nerve and brain wellbeing. Furthermore, the utilization of lemon water will help reduce stress and depression.

  1. Reduces Mucus and Phlegm

A cup of lemon water in the morning reduces mucus and phlegm formation. You should note that taking cow’s milk can make you produce more mucus.

  1. Fresh Breath

Lemon water makes your breath fresh by eliminating bacteria. However, it should be diluted as the citric acid can harm your tooth enamel. Drink it but don’t brush your teeth with lemon water.

  1. Anti-cancer properties

Lemons have antioxidants which act to lower the chances of developing various types of cancer. They do this by alkalization hence preventing or inhibiting the growth of cancer cell. They are also beneficial for the skin.

  1. Hydrates Your Body

Our body needs water all the time, particularly in the summer. Drinking water is the best way to stay hydrated, lemon water has more to offer, drink as much as you can to stay healthy and hydrated.